2016 Chair's Message


January 12, 2016

The IS Associates organization (ISA) emerged in 1978 to foster professional relationships between Southern California industry, government organizations, and UCLA. The fledgling organization was focused on the effective management and leverage of emerging information systems well before “IT” stood for Information Technology. IS Associates has since adapted to the needs of our profession and remains uniquely positioned today to serve Southern California’s ever-evolving technology community.  I am proud to be affiliated with this highly relevant organization and I am looking forward to serving as the 2016 Industry Chairman of what I consider to be the finest example of local IT practitioner, service provider, and academia partnership in our nation today. 

After nearly four decades, we continue to seek to differentiate ourselves from other regional and national technology associations by leveraging the experience of our respected board members, professional memberships, and world class academics from UCLA. IS Associates is engaged in emerging trends such as Smart Manufacturing, Digital Disruption, and Best Practices in Business Management. We are truly fortunate to operate in the richly diverse business environment surrounding Los Angeles.  Our member representation includes world class healthcare providers, entertainment and media firms, established high tech companies, as well as provocative new ventures affiliated with Silicon Beach. The programs and topics presented over an ISA membership year remain timely and relevant for our executive members and benefit the career development of our aspiring leaders.

2016 marks the third year in a row that IS Associates has been closely aligned with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at UCLA. OIT is headed by Vice Provost, Information Technology, Dr. Jim Davis, whose responsibility for the UCLA campus IT strategic vision continues to pay dividends to the university.  Jim has served ISA admirably and continues to provide a vibrant bridge between Southern California industry and one of the leading academic institutions in America today. Jim is both a scholar and a gentleman, and a pure pleasure to work with on all ISA matters. Don Olender, recently retired CIO and Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo Capital Finance, continues to serve as the UCLA IS Associates Executive Director. Don brings mature IT leadership to our organizational affairs and provides wonderful insight and deft guidance to our association.  Make sure you get to know both Jim and Don and their very capable university staff members in 2016 if they are not already on your list of LinkedIn friends!

As ISA chairman, I am thrilled with the prospects for another great year. Please join me, Jim, Don and the rest of the ISA Board as we continue to explore business transformation throught the innovative and adroit application of emerging technologies. For more information about helping contacts or colleagues become an IS Associates member, please contact Don Olender at dono99@gmail.com. 

Bill Miller, UCLA IS Associates
2016 Industry Chairman
CIO, NetApp
(formerly SVP and Chief Information Officer, Broadcom Corporation)